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dweller SUBTYPE

Dwellers are a mutation from the standard subtyping. They are a little bit in the uncanny territory with several traits on them being unlike any other subtype. They are land-dwelling wickers but spend most of their time under ground, in cave society systems, or in rural areas. The dweller subtype is somewhat rare - not due to population, but due to the fact they are not seen usually outside of their comfort zones of the underground or mountain cave systems.

HOW TO MAKE A dweller

dweller .png

A dweller is particularly interesting trait wise in that sometimes

they have mismatching horns. No other subtype has that trait.

Horns can be matching on a dweller as well however. Dweller

manes only grow on the back of their neck area and do not 

crawl to the front of their neck. Their ears have jagged, cropped

appearances and sometimes the front of their nose has a large

rhino-like horn. The strangest attribute is their tail that has

two claws positioned at the end of it. These claws are because

of inbreeding that happened in very early Osova. Dwellers tend

to be lanky build wise.


fixed claw.png

This subtype spends most of their lives in underground communities. These communities are well-run and are like any other

city in osova - just underground. Most of these city locations are hand carved out by clan members. These cities can be built in the sides of mountains or mountain cave systems as well. They are not usually located terribly high however due to the lack of fur on dwellers.

Dwellers do have fur but it is not always well taken care of. Some dwellers can have patchy or greasy fur due to the dirt they dig through. Fur cleanliness is usually low on the priority of dweller's due to finding more value in other things and because the fur just gets re-dirtied when they dig.


Due to dwellers digging often, dwellers have found many jewels and valuable minerals. These can be turned into jewelry, weapons, or melted down into other materials which is why mining is a significant part of dweller communities. Dwellers are the leading resource on providing ores, materials, and other valuables to other communities. Without dwellers, there are no weapons in Osova.

Dweller tails are particularly dangerous due to their large claws on the tip. These claws tend to be extremely sharp and can benefit a dweller in combat. When not in combat, dwellers use their tail claws to hold items or lanterns when walking through the dark of their community systems. These claws can move independently. 

This subtype has figured out how to repair their tail claws and horns. They use tree sap imported from Aerion adversaries. A dweller will use a jewel, mineral, or other material and shape it to fit the missing portion of their claw or horn. The tree sap when heated will solidify, acting as glue, and keep the material bonded with the original piece of the claw. The only down side to this is that part of the initial claw still has to be existing for the bond material to work effectively. If a dweller claw is entirely removed or damaged - there is no saving it. It will be stitched up.

Their communities are particularly secretive about their way of using tree sap - so no other subtype will have this feature of having a claw partially made out of a crystal or mineral. 

Dweller's have relatively poor eyesight from living in darker places when outside their territories. Their eyesight is more guided towards dimly lit places and they tend to see better in those areas.

Background image by the lovely ThatCreatureJuk.

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