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Cultural Practices

These are some of the cultural practices of Osova. These can include holidays and various tidbits about wickerbeasts.

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COURTING practices

Courting practices are different for every wickerbeast. Typically, wickerbeasts are creatures of grandeur. They love displays of affection and typically large ones. It is a great time for a wicker to show their talents. Some will dance, some will sing, some will write, and even some will show large displays of strength. Sometimes, it can be simpler, like a Wicker displaying their bioluminescence at night or doing something regal with their mane. The possibilities are endless. What would your wicker do for love?


Sometimes we are all simple minded creatures. Wickerbeasts are no different. These lizards have a tendency to love shiny things or small objects. Wickerbeasts are collectors at heart and love to show off their assets and interests. 

Sometimes, Wickers will gift these objects to one another in a show of admiration.

forever... and ever... and eve-

Following courting practices is the ultimate act of love: marriage. There's no tax benefits here in Osova - so if a wicker is getting hitched, it's truly for love and love alone. 

Wickerbeasts do the tradition of rings. However, these rings can be many sizes and many places. Some get small ones and wear them as earrings, some get a 'tail' band, some wear them over their claws, and some wear them as bracelets. 


The age old question that every parent gets when a child comes home with an animal.

Wickerbeasts have many variations of pets. The most common types of pets include snakes, reptiles, birds, oshari, rabbits, cats, and dogs. There are many more creatures in Osova but these are the most commonly domesticated.

Wickers will also commonly use birds to send messages to other regions.


Wickerbeasts worship multiple gods. Their main god that they worship is named Idris - the god of the sun and light.


Other gods that they worship are:

  • Vipera - God of prosperity & wealth.

  • Asmodai - God of the underworld & the dead. 

  • Udri - God of spirits (alcohol) & ritual madness, parties.

  • Cidolfus - God of seafaring & the ocean.

  • Imperia - God of the moon & stars.

  • Morden - God of courage, war, and strength.

  • Sephiran - God of fertility, love (all types), and beauty.

It is not uncommon however for a Wicker to devote themselves completely to one of these gods.

This list and info may be updated.

to the stars

While Wickerbeasts are not a spacefaring species, there are admirers of the beautiful balls of gas above them.

Wickerbeasts have constellations for every god that they worship.


The world of Osova also commonly believes that if a wicker has found true honor in their life, a wicker will end up amongst the stars with Imperia. 

Shooting stars are seen as a sign from Imperia guiding a wicker on their path or a sign of acknowledgement. Wicker children like to wish on stars and hope that their dreams are realized by Imperia.

Solar and lunar eclipses are noted as Idris and Imperia fighting over power to rule.


VIPERA currency

The wickerbeast currency, otherwise known as Ꞩ. Coins are gold or silver in color and come in dollar and cent amounts.

Vipera comes in gold for these amounts.

  • Ꞩ100.

  • Ꞩ50

  • Ꞩ20

Vipera comes in silver for these amounts.

  • Ꞩ10

  • Ꞩ5

  • Ꞩ1

  • Ꞩ0.50

  • Ꞩ0.25

Wicker currency keeps prices to where they do not need any coins under 0.25 value.

Vipera has two sides, heads and tails. Vipera that is worth 100 in value will sometimes have a special 'back' to it that can be collectable and gain additional value over time.


Remembrance Eve

The 27th of December. It is a day for remembering those who have been lost over the year and those who have been a large part of an individual's journey. Individuals spend time at home and not on the streets in honor of it.


Pronounced "Gal-IH-VAE-stice." It is the winter celebration and the equivalent to what would be considered modern day pagan Christmas or other winter celebratory holidays. It is held on the 23rd of December. It is a time to gift give, celebrate, and spend time with loved ones.

Armistice Eve

This day is what is commonly referred to as New Years Eve for Osova. It is the day before the Day of New Souls, December 31st. This eve is filled with partying and is a large day for drinking and celebration. Many will come to Grandesburg specifically for this day to experience the celebration.

Day of New Souls

This day is what is commonly referred to as New Years Day for Osova. It is held on the first of the year, January 1st.

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