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species rules 

These are in general species rules of what is

and is not allowed to be done with the content of Wickerbeasts.

wickercave logo pins.png


The creation of content using Etekoi and Wickerbeasts is permissible. However, we strongly advise against creating NSFW content featuring the fera species (such as Oshari and Skitadel), as they are not sentient in a human sense.


It is entirely at your discretion to determine whether your wicker is part of the canon lore that belongs to the world of Osova, or if it is from your own unrelated lore.


The usage of the wickerbeast logo in any for-profit scenario, including redistribution as a physical or digital product, is strictly prohibited. If you choose to use our logo, it should only be for personal non-commercial purposes.


You may download our logo off of PineWarden's

harmful messages and beliefs

We respectfully request that all Wickerbeast designs and insignia refrain from being used in any form of harmful messages, including but not limited to messages that promote hate speech or discrimination against a community.


As a community, we strive to uphold values of inclusivity and positivity, and we ask that our designs be used in a manner that aligns with these values.

Marketable content

Physical or digital content (including written) that is made for mass profit must have a royalty/licensing partnership or agreement with the owner and merchandiser for the Wickerbeast species.


These situations are looked over individually on a case-by-case basis. This rule is for small businesses and large businesses who want to produce physical and digital merchandise at a larger scale using the wickerbeast name.


At this time you must have a partnership to produce:

  • Premade VR-chat avatar bases (not customs or one-offs).

  • Continuous physical merchandise (shirts, bags, pants, keychains, etc) at a mass scale. Doing a small run (ex: 50-200) of merch once or twice is not what we consider mass profit. However, if these runs were continuously occurring - we would ask you to be partners.

This rule does not include adoptables and designs of wickerbeasts. You are free to create those as you please. 

vr chat
avatars & Furvilla

Please note that any VR Chat wicker models & furvilla painties with non-canon features are not considered canon Wickerbeast characters and will not be accepted as such, unless they are accompanied by a version or reference sheet that accurately represents canon features. These models are considered more for entertainment purposes, similar to Furvilla painties. 

However, we would like to emphasize that these models and their creators are still a welcomed part of our community, and their enthusiasm for the species is greatly appreciated. We understand that these models are created for fun and entertainment purposes, and we encourage creative expression within our community. 

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