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Aerions are one of the mutations of the Standard sub-typing. Aerions range in size but tend to be on the smaller side, similar to rogues. These critters use their tails to pack quite a punch in combat and act as Osova's second line of defense. They are the gliding squirrels of wickers and tend to live above it all. 



An aerion should always have under arm flaps for gliding. An  

aerion is able to have four spikes on the end of a club-like tail.

Aerion's should always have amplifiers on their neck area and

a crown of three to four horns atop of their head. These horns

must be nub/devil-like but can be any size. Aerion's are

required to have one large raptor-like talon on their inside toe.

Optionally, Aerion can have rabbit-like connected

nostrils. Their ears tend to be shorter than other subtypes.


This subtype is particularly quick and nimble due to their size and the ability to glide short distances. This subtype spends their time up high in village treehouses and the trees since they have fantastic climbing skills to accompany their quickness. They love to perch high above for the greatest views. 

They tend to be the main individuals on the front lines in regards to beast taming and combat. This is due to the quickness of the subtyping and due to the fact they can hear very well.

The subtyping mainly hear with the glands in their neck. The glands in their neck are essentially hearing amplifiers and are connected to thousands of nerve endings. These nerve endings transform the vibrations into electrical impulses that connect to the cranial nerve. The amplification of their hearing allows them to hear from 1-2 miles away which is why they can be important on front line scenarios in combat.

Aerion's are able to collect hard to get items such as tree sap and fruit from sought after trees. The items can have  medicinal value for cuts, burns, and much more. The flying subtype will use their talons in their feet to poke holes in the trees to collect it. As well as sap and fruit, Aerion are able to collect nectar from large flowers called Passonia.


Passonia flowers are large 3-4 foot, white petaled flowers similar to what we know as magnolias. Aerions are able to suck up the nectar by curling their tongue upwards into a straw-like slide and collecting it in the beginning of their throat. The beginning of their throat (where human tonsils would be) have empty sacs called "cuts" where the nectar collects. To avoid any nectar going down their throat, they are able to puff up their throat muscles to temporarily close it while collecting.

This nectar can be used in medicinal purposes as well and is known to have similar properties to cough syrup. That is, if an Aerion wants to give the syrup up. Most of the time, aerions collect it and take it home to freeze into ice cubes or orbs. They end up sucking on the ice cubes similar to popsicles as a sweet treat.

Background image by the lovely ThatCreatureJuk.

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