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Wickers were concepted by Daemon_Lady, the creator of Wickers. Originally the first wicker concept was a vent sketch made by Daemon. In late 2014, two other wicker designs were created.


The original subtypes soon followed (king, standard, swamp, and rogue). Three subtypes were also later created in 2019-2022. Aerions were introduced by DL and Dwellers & Pelagics were introduced by Rune


The official Facebook group was created in early 2014. The first original administration members added consisted of Guts, Rune (Pinewarden), Hamada, Mavi, and Tombo (Wolpertingerwhite).

On January 5th, 2022 The Wickerbeast species rights were transferred to Rune.

Further developments from then on were made by Rune and the current

administration team. 

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