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Hybrids represent a distinctive subtype that has some limitations on public availability. A hybrid design combines elements of a biological creature and a wickerbeast. Only specific artists who have undergone an application process or attained site-wide administrator status are permitted to create them.

While most hybrids are non-canonical within the official lore of Osova, users are still encouraged to participate and incorporate them into the Osova setting. For instance, a fusion of a character from a fandom game and a wickerbeast may not be considered canon in the official lore, but you are welcome to include them in our universe or any universe of your choice.

It's important to note that if a hybrid involves a magical creature, it will not gain the ability to use magic.

Nonetheless, there are certain CANON hybrid designs that any user can create, which may not have been released yet or are currently in development. Please stay updated for further information!

HOW hybrids really work

hybrid example.png

When commissioning a hybrid, a hybrid has a specific set of 

rules that it must follow. All hybrids must have the following:

  • Jagged smile & boxy muzzle

  • 4 Hand claws

  • Mix must be a biological creature

  • Backwards facing ears (except for rabbit mixtures)

  • Some sort of mane unless it has sphinx syndrome

  • Pupil-less eyes with no iris

  • Horns if the subtype it is mixed with has them.

HYBRID limitations & notes

We have a set of guidelines concerning the permissible attributes and traits for hybrids. These rules aim to ensure that the representation of the species is appropriate. The following limitations apply to hybrids:

  1. Hybrids must not possess offensive or controversial characteristics. For instance, hybrids like a king/baphomet or king/vishnu hybrid would not be sponsored.

  2. Only biological creatures are allowed to be a hybrid with a wicker. Nonbiological creatures, except for advanced droids which have their own set of rules, are not permitted.

  3. Hybrids must be a combination of exactly two creatures, but they can include another hybrid creature, excluding wickerbeast hybrids (e.g., a Labradoodle/Standard Wicker Hybrid).

  4. Traits considered "magical" are not allowed (e.g., breathing fire or a magical horn). However, certain natural biological traits, such as spores in plants or venomous fangs in snakes, are acceptable since they occur in real life.

  5. While feathered wings are not allowed, small amounts of feathers or fluff that mimic them to some extent are acceptable. More information on this is below this excerpt.

  6. Hybrids cannot be entirely composed of materials like wood, full slime, ink, or other textures. Glass parts are not allowed on any hybrid except for advanced droids (found here). However, they can have slimey or wood-like parts as components. Plushie wickers are not considered hybrids and can be made regularly.

  7. Mixes with other original species are not allowed unless approved by PineWarden and the other species creator. 

Exceptions to rules & requirements:

  1. Sphinx Syndrome (no mane, no fur)

  2. Rabbit ears or 'floppy' creature ears do not have to face backwards

hybrid wing guide.png

hybrid wings

Mentioned earlier, wings are not a feature

on normal wickers. On Hybrids, however,

selected artists are allowed to give them

certain types of fins/wings attached

underneath the arm (not via back).

This chart shows what type of wings are

allowed on a hybrid. Full feathered wings

are not allowed, but there are some exceptions

for feathers. You can have up to 3-4

feathers on the elbow/under arm regions,

head regions, upper tail (not tip) regions,

and heel regions of a hybrid.

You can also have elongated fluff under

the arm span of a wicker to imitate wings.

This type of fluff is only allowed on hybrids.

Of course feathers are not the only type of

wings / fins you can have! Hybrid wickers

can have bat-like fins, flying squirrel-like

fins/wings, and even insect styled.










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