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Hybrids are the only subtype that are somewhat restricted to the general public. A hybrid design is a mixture between a biological creature and a wickerbeast. Specific artists who have applied by application or become a site wide administrator are the only ones allowed to create them. ​There are, however, some CANON hybrid designs that any user can make that that haven't been released yet / are being developed! Stay tuned.


Most hybrids noncanon to the official lore of Osova, but users can still participate and insert them into the Osova setting. For example, a character from a fandom game x a wickerbeast would be uncanon in official lore - but feel free to still insert them into our universe or a universe of your choosing. 


If the hybrid is mixed with a magical creature, it will still not be able to use magic.

HOW hybrids really work

hybrid example.png

When commissioning a hybrid, a hybrid has a specific set of 

rules that it must follow. All hybrids must have the following:

  • Jagged smile & boxy muzzle

  • 4 Hand claws

  • Mix must be a biological creature

  • Backwards facing ears (except for rabbit mixtures)

  • Some sort of mane unless it has sphinx syndrome

  • Pupil-less eyes with no iris

  • Horns if the subtype it is mixed with has them


We have very few rules on what you cannot do with your hybrids. We do think however that some of these rules are important so that this species can be correctly represented. With that being said hybrids cannot be or have:

  • Offensive or controversial messages or content

  • Disrespectful to a culture and or done distastefully

  • ​Mixed with another original species without the permission of that creator and PineWarden.

  • Full feathered wings or feathered tail tips are not allowed. Feathers are okay in very minimal amounts on the elbow regions, head regions, rump region, and upper tail region. ​

  • ​More than one species. For example, a kingbeast / collie / cat hybrid wouldn't be possible.
    It must either be a kingbeast / cat, or a kingbeast / collie.

hybrid wing guide.png

hybrid wings

Mentioned earlier, wings are not a feature

on normal wickers. On Hybrids, however,

selected artists are allowed to give them

certain types of fins/wings attached

underneath the arm (not via back).

This chart shows what type of wings are

allowed on a hybrid. Full feathered wings

are not allowed, but there are some exceptions

for feathers. You can have up to 3-4

feathers on the elbow regions of a hybrid.

You can also have elongated fluff under

the arm span of a wicker to imitate wings.

This type of fluff is only allowed on hybrids.

Of course feathers are not the only type of

wings / fins you can have! Hybrid wickers

can have bat-like fins, flying squirrel-like

fins/wings, and even insect styled.







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