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Small Updates & The Year Ahead.

Hi all, As you may recall, I assumed responsibility for the species in January 2022. Since then, we've undertaken a comprehensive site renovation and a significant update to our information. These changes were motivated partly by our desire to give the species a much-needed refresh after a period of inactivity and partly because the previous lore included elements connected to the previous owner's OCs.

I want to emphasize that I am currently the sole individual responsible for handling updates and creating artwork. This isn't because my team is unwilling to assist me, but rather because I am in the process of fine-tuning the fundamental information to create a solid foundation upon which they can then build with me on. Given the extensive "clean slate" overhaul the species underwent, there are still many basic portions of wickers that I need to develop. It's only after these foundational elements are established that we can begin to refine the specifics of certain aspects of wickers.

While I'm passionate about their development and consider this species incredibly important to me... I also lead a busy life and have many personal commitments. That said, it's important to note that this species is a labor of love, and I plan to continue its development over the course of several years. I only ask for patience while I tackle something that was a much larger task than initially anticipated.


Updates, updates, updates.

In terms of species updates, the next one is scheduled for December or possibly late January. This is a rough estimate and may be later than this. The subjects covered will be about cultural practices, representative gods, the robotics / advanced droid information transfer, and possibly the fera page seeing an update. Regarding merchandise, I want to provide some insight into our current situation. I am excited to share that there are planned smaller merchandise releases from myself and some collaborations with other furry brands in the works. While I can't commit to a precise timeline or confirm to you a date, these smaller releases and partnerships are something to look forward to as we move into 2024.


I'd like to inform you that the FAQ is primarily addressed through our discord stage channel. We will be trying to do these a little more often and will encourage your silliest (within reason) questions.

With that being said, I look forward to seeing some of you at MFF.

I have wicker stickers if you can find me. :)

"Rune" / PineWarden



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