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In the world of Osova, there once lived a race of anthropomorphic lizards known as the Wickerbeasts. These creatures were unlike any others, endowed with amazing abilities that gave them control over the very foundation of magic. This power, albeit, was beyond the capacity of the Wickerbeast body to properly manage. Given the special G-quadruplex DNA structure of wickerbeasts, any misuse of their powers could result in a terrible reaction that could even lead to their own death and torturous pain.

The Wickerbeasts lived in fear of their own magic, for it was a dangerous gift that could turn on them at any moment of high emotion. That is until they discovered a magical flower known as the Aether Blossom. This delicate white and pink flower had the power to grant immunity to magic but also would slowly take a magical user’s power from them the more it was consumed. 

The Aether Blossom was consumed by the Wickerbeasts for centuries to aid them, but over time, the side effects of the plant caused them to completely lose their magical abilities. However, they were not discouraged because they discovered that life consisted of much more than just magic. They became more highly intelligent and creative as they pursued other interests such as art, literature, and science. The race started searching for allies on other continents.

As the search for alliances began, a group of Wickerbeasts came across a lemur-like creature known as the Etekoi. The two species were initially cautious of each other, but over time, they grew to become allies and friends. The Wickerbeasts learned that the Etekoi were masters of technology and that they had developed incredible devices using a power source called Crystalithium. This power source was harnessed from crystals. One crystal’s lifetime energy span was hundreds of years and there was an abundance of them to harvest through mining.

Together, the Wickerbeasts and the Etekoi began experimenting with these devices, creating incredible inventions that could do everything that magic could, and more. They built small airships that could fly through the sky, mechanical constructs to channel Crystalithium, and advanced communication devices that could reach vast distances.

And so, the Wickerbeasts and Etekoi continued to explore and invent, creating a world that was both magical and technological. They had found a new way of life, one that was more fulfilling than they could have ever imagined.


That was until they came across humans.

When the Etekoi and Wickerbeasts first met with the humans, they did so with the hope of establishing friendly relations and sharing the knowledge of the powerful Crystalithium. However, the humans were not interested in sharing, but rather in controlling and exploiting the resource for their own gain. The Etekoi and Wickerbeasts initially tried to reason with the humans, explaining that the power of Crystalithium was a delicate balance that needed to be managed carefully to avoid catastrophic consequences. They emphasized that the crystals were a shared resource, not just for any one species to control.

However, the humans were too focused on their own interests and refused to listen to reason. They began to launch attacks on the Etekoi and Wickerbeasts, seeking to take control of the Crystalithium by force. Fighting in cities, city seizures, and general violence began. The Etekoi and Wickerbeasts fought back fiercely, using their knowledge of the land and the power of Crystalithium to their advantage. They were able to hold off the human forces for some time, but eventually realized that they could not win this conflict alone due to the sheer amount of the human population. War was declared.

As the war dragged on, it became clear to all involved that the conflict could not continue indefinitely. The fighting had ravaged the land, causing irreparable damage to the delicate ecosystem that allowed the Crystalithium to exist. The Etekoi and Wickerbeasts, who had always known the value of the resource realized that it was their responsibility to protect it.

Etekoi and Wickerbeasts reached out to their communities to bear arms, hoping to form a united front against human aggression. They were eventually able to gather a coalition of Etekoi and Wickerbeast citizens who saw the value in preserving the balance of power and protecting the delicate ecosystem of Osova that allowed the Crystalithium to exist in the first place. With this in mind, the Etekoi and Wickerbeasts decided to take action.

The species pooled their knowledge of the Crystalithium. The most powerful Etekoi used their combined abilities to create a powerful spell that combined with the power source of Crystalithium. This spell allowed them to tap into the crystals' power, creating a massive explosion of energy that engulfed the battlefield. Many Etekoi, Wickerbeasts, and Humans were lost in the massive explosion. The energy released by the Crystalithium was so immense that it left the survivors horrified. Humans realized that the power of the crystals was far too great for any one species to control after seeing the true power of Crystalithium.

With this realization, the humans and magical species came to a truce in order to not have more lives lost.

In the end, the humans agreed to a treaty that recognized the shared ownership and management of Crystalithium. The Etekoi and Wickerbeasts agreed to share their knowledge of the powerful resource with the humans, but only on the condition that they work together to protect the balance of power and preserve the delicate ecosystem that allowed the crystals to exist. With this agreement, the conflict was resolved, and a new era of cooperation and understanding began between the anthro species and humans.

This peace would not last forever.


Authors Note: 


Etekoi are not open to create yet as their visual guides are still being created. More information might be added to this page. 

Wickers are still required to have no magic - this is past tense.

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