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Sometimes our friends are small! Rogues are the smallest subtype of wickers and lack horns. They are a common sight among cities and rural areas. Their height difference makes it a little difficult for them to navigate around their taller peers. They are a little bit defenseless but they make up for it with cleverness.

HOW TO MAKE a rogue 

wicker 1.png

A rogue is a pretty simple subtype. The only absolute needs

for a rogue to be a rogue is that it must have no horns and 

they typically have a lesser amount of fluff than their subtype

cousins. They have very small claws and builds. Their body has

little to no extra fur patches except in the shoulder, elbow,

and tail areas.


Rogues are an incredibly small subtype. Due to this, they have had to become increasingly clever around their peers. A rogue is very light weight and nimble, able to escape most foes by either running or hiding somewhere. They are experts at survival because they are the runts of the wickerbeast species. Rogues will often outwit their opponents with their mind and stratedgy.

Being bitten by a rogue is not nearly as painful as the other subtypes. The downfall of this is that Rogues can unhook their jaws much faster and strike again. If you are bit by a wickerbeast - it is already not a fun time. Imagine being bit two or three times in a row with very strong little jaws. Very painful!

Rogues can live in cities and urban areas but most prefer the rural country side. It is much easier for them to live peacefully without the fear of being in some ones space or possibly bullied. Rogues tend to love to build under ground houses and burrow (hobbit-like) houses. They find it more suitable for their needs since they don't need much space.

They have a great relationship with Dwellers because of their love to burrow out holes and homes. These two subtypes will also often be seen working together in jewel mines. A dweller will dig with their powerful tail claws and hand claws while a rogue will clear the debris or get into hard to reach places that the dweller can't quite get to with their bigger hands.

This subtype tends to lean towards being merchants and shop keepers due to being able to get hard to find items that the bigger subtypes cannot get to. On the other side of this, rogues are particularly great at the entertainment district. A lot of rogues find great money in being professional rodeo clowns, jesters, circus employees, theatrical artists, and daredevils. It is a good focus due to their ability to move quickly and their small size.

Background image by the lovely ThatCreatureJuk.

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