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Standards are the original ancestor of land dwelling wickerbeasts. They are the subtype that makes up most of the population in wicker regions. They are an average size but sometimes can grow to be near a king's size. They tend to have less fluff than a king would but more fluff than a rogue would. 



A standard is a classic version of a wicker. It should always have

some type of horns to make it a standard. Various patches of

fur are okay as long as it does not gather at the tip of the tail

like a kingbeast. Claws are of average size and manes are 

modestly sized. They do not possess any extra features like

other sub typings.

standard SPECIFICS

Standards make up the majority of the wicker population. Due to this, a lot of standards are gathered into militia or other

driving large workforces to help out since they are many. 

Unlike other subtypes, most of them do not struggle with height or infrastructure problems. They can live in almost any environment and be rather successful. They are an incredibly adaptive subtype due to not having advantages other subtypes may have. A lot of standards will make their own tools, own weapons, and try to be self sustainable to counteract the features they feel they lack to create an advantage for them.

Standards however do still pack quite a punch with their tails and are much nimbler than other subtypes that carry more weight. A rogue can most likely out run a standard but a king most likely cannot keep up with a standard due to weight differences. Standards are usually the most common subtype that willingly volunteer themselves for robotic enhancements due to feeling like they are at a constant disadvantage in combat. 

Job wise, standards like to lean towards jobs that are towards weapon making, alchemy, or crafting of some kind to enhance their skills for when they most need them. Other standards will lead towards more scientific research jobs or engineering. Most wicker engineering is ran by standard subtyping.

Background image by the lovely ThatCreatureJuk.

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